Should we avoid chili peppers to lower obesity risk?

The study authors suggest that “controlling chili intake frequency could potentially contribute to improved weight management in the general population.”

Holland cautioned, “It is appropriate to study individual foods, food groups, and nutrients. However, it is crucial to have all the necessary information to draw accurate conclusions.”

Rather than avoiding chili peppers, experts recommend consuming chili peppers alone or within healthier recipes instead of the calorie-dense or high-fat dishes in which chili is most often used.

“There is no need to eliminate chili peppers from your diet in the fear of gaining weight. Instead, look more at HOW you are using chili peppers. Alone, chili peppers are a great low-calorie vegetable that can add flavor and spice to foods and may aid in weight loss if used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan.”
— Kiran Campbell, RDN

Holland agreed, stating, “The ultimate implication here is to be mindful of what you consume with your foods.”

“Both what we consume and how it is prepared are equally important,” he concluded.

Campbell urged more long-term human studies, considering multiple confounders and examining specific categories and culinary uses of chili pepper.