Is a flu vaccine with long-term effectiveness on the horizon?

  • Influenza viruses cause billions of flu infections and thousands of deaths across the globe each year.
  • Developing an effective, long-term flu vaccine is challenging because of viral mutations. Researchers are interested in what strategies they can use to get around this problem.
  • Results from a recent study suggest that targeting multiple areas of the virus’ proteins may be the key to creating a flu vaccine that offers long-term immunity, specifically focusing on an area that experiences less mutation.

Developing a long lasting flu vaccine could be highly beneficial for the health of society, and research is getting closer to this goal.

A study published in Science Translational Medicinefound that developing a vaccine that additionally targets an area of the hemagglutinin (HA) glycoprotein that experiences less mutation may be how we reach long-term flu vaccination options.

Researchers tested their vaccine in mice and ferrets and found it offered better protection than conventional vaccination. While more research is required, this successful test directs how to proceed with creating a long-term flu vaccine.

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