A ‘balanced’ diet is better than a vegetarian one in supporting brain health

  • Dietary patterns and food choices impact brain function, but the specific relationship between food and the brain is complex.
  • Researchers are interested in finding out what diets optimize brain functioning and health.
  • One study examined four dietary patterns and found that a balanced diet containing several food types saw the most overall benefit in brain health.

What people eat affects their well-being, but sometimes it is hard to tell the precise effects of diet on health.

Recently, a study published in Nature Mental HealthTrusted Source explored how dietary patterns impacted a number of areas of brain health, including mental health, cognitive function, metabolic biomarkers, and brain structure as measured using MRI.

In their analysis of almost 182,000 participants, researchers found that those who followed a balanced diet were likelier to have better mental health and cognitive functioning.

They also noted genetic differences that may have influenced the outcomes among different dietary groups.

While research will continue in this area, the study points to the importance of making wise nutritional choices to improve brain function and mental health outcomes.

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